A Healthy Breakfast…Starting your day off right!

Everyone has heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there are sooooo many options to choose from.  Yet most of us have the same thing every day, or even worse, don’t have any breakfast at all!

I seem to be an a rut, because I have instant oatmeal and a banana everyday, which is pretty healthy but also pretty boring to have day in and day out.  So I’ve done some research to find some healthy and APPEALING breakfast options to start your day off right:

1.  Overnight Oats:  Kath is famous for her recipe for overnight oats and has several variations (with pictures!) on her blog.  Not only will this spice up your morning, but it can be prepared the night before so you won’t have to wake up any earlier in the morning.


2.  Eggs:  Try scrambled, poached, over-easy, hard-boiled, and more.  You can mix in or serve with chopped up veggies and meats, or top with your favorite cheese.  Or if you’ve got a little extra time, check out 15 Ways to Eat an Egg


3.  Combine whole grains with protein and fruit.  This could look like a whole wheat English muffin, with 2 Tbsp of peanut butter and a half or whole cup of your favorite fruit chopped up.  Whole grains have more fiber than refined grains (like things made from white/all purpose flour), and will help you feel fuller longer, especially when combined with some protein.  Other protein  foods include:  nuts and seeds, beans and peas, chicken/beef/fish (etc.), and soy products, like tofu and tempeh.

english muffin

4.  Blend it up!  I’ve heard many people say they just aren’t hungry in the morning, or that breakfast foods are too heavy.  If this is you, shakes are a great option!  You can toss in fresh or frozen fruit, blend with some milk or yogurt (try Greek yogurt for extra protein!), then drink at home or take on the go.  The possibilities are endless!

 Be sure to share your next breakfast creation in the comments!  Also, remember to switch it up and try something new to avoid breakfast ruts, and you’ll be on your way to starting the day off right!

Thanks for reading!

Jana Banana, RD

4 thoughts on “A Healthy Breakfast…Starting your day off right!

  1. My current favorite smoothie:
    1 cup vanilla almond milk
    1 frozen banana
    1 tblsp almond butter
    handful of spinach
    3-4 ice cubes
    So simple, so good!

    Also makes a good post-workout shake, in which case I’ll add a scoop of protein powder.

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