Snack Attack!!!


It happens to the best of us.  That mid-afternoon craving for something to munch on.  Do you:

A.  Wander down to the break room to see what leftover pastries are available
B.  Break into your co-worker/classmate’s sweet stash
C.  Hit up a vending machine
D.  Drink a glass or two of water, and chew on a piece of gum for 20 minutes
E.  Munch on your healthy snack from home

In case you are wondering, D and/or E are your best bets!  Unfortunately workplaces and schools are notorious for unhealthy foods, and the communal refrigerator/pantry is the #1 temptation when the afternoon snack attack hits.


Vending machines aren’t much better, but many schools and companies are moving towards healthier vending options.


Most of the time snack attacks occur when we are super thirsty, but most of us register this as hunger for some reason.  That’s when option D comes into play; drinking water then waiting about 20 minutes to see if you still feel hungry is a great test for true hunger.  Also, when you pop in a piece of gum to help you pass the 20 minutes, you will likely find that chewing the gum satisfies your “hunger,” as well.

So if you try all that and your stomach continues to rumble, make sure that you have healthy snack options available to you.  This can require some prep ahead of time, but is totally worth it!  For example, I try to cut up a bunch of fruits and vegetables at one time to cover my snacks for a few days.  I also try to choose healthy, easy-to-package snacks (like graham crackers & peanut butter) or pre-packaged snack foods (like a string cheese or Clif Kid Z-bars).  It’s waaaaay easier to stick to your healthy eating goals when you have your healthy snacks planned!


Since I love Pinterest sooooo much, I thought I would share some great finds for healthy snack options!
Smart Snacking Shopping List
Sixty Healthy Snack Ideas
Mix & Match Snack Options
55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories
and for the picky eaters out there:  77 Kid-Friendly Snacks

Share your favorite snacks in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

JanaBanana, RD

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