Eating Healthy on the Road

I’m too excited to sleep!!!  I’m heading to Washington, DC, tomorrow for a nutrition policy conference.  I’ll be learning about all of the current political issues that affect nutrition, like the Farm Bill, for the first two days, then heading to Capitol Hill to meet with Congresspeople to talk about the issues.


Normally on trips, I allow myself to eat whatever, because it’s vacation, it’s a break from life, it’s should be a break from healthy habits, right?  I always end up feeling gross and bloaty, and regret all the overeating.


Well it was my new year’s resolution this year to eat more like a dietitian, so I’ve been watching portion sizes, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating at restaurants less often, drinking more water, completely cut out pop, and limiting alcohol.


So this trip, I’m going to make a huge effort to keep up my healthier eating habits, which should be a little easier since I’ll be surrounded by other Registered Dietitians.  I’ve already planned my workouts (4 miles on Sunday, 3 miles on Monday), packed some healthy snacks (KIND bars and Zbars) and plan to stock up on some fruit at breakfasts.  I’ve also packed lots of gum to help stave off hunger…my stomach gets REALLY grumbly and growly when hunger hits!  For my coffee, I’m planning on only adding nonfat milk instead of whole milk with whipped cream on top.


I’ll try to keep up with the blog with updates on my trip!  Any advice for traveling healthfully?

4 thoughts on “Eating Healthy on the Road

  1. This trip sounds really exciting! For a long time I also used vacation as a opportunity to binge and take a break from my new healthy lifestyle, and always came home feeling disgusting. I’m not a dietitian, but from lots of trial and error I have found that planning is SUPER important, and it allows me to still indulge in the local specialties. Picking one meal to splurge on and planning the other two to compensate, or giving myself enough time to walk instead of taking the train…

    In the last year I have become more aware of just how much government policy effects what is grown, sold in stores, and ultimately consumed by the average American. I look forward to reading other posts from your trip.

  2. The only advise I have? Bring a bag of fruit and healthy bars. That way, instead of grabbing a soda or candy or something else, you might grab some fruit instead. I, however, am a terrible eater while traveling. As long as the hotel has a gym, I’m usually better at getting my runs in though. . . . explain that to me? (guilt, probably, for all the crap I ate the day before!).

  3. I’m so jealous. I know you’re going to have an awesome time and learn so much. I think it’s great that you’ve planned ahead. So many people let loose on occasions such as this and I suppose it’s okay to have a little fun just as long as it’s not out of control. One of my traveling tricks is to find out where the locals shop and locate a farmer’s market and grocery stores. When I do that it’s always easier to find healthier options and stay away from fast food joints. Have fun………..Healthy Journey!

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