Some Pretty Cool Fitness & Nutrition Apps

There are LOTS of health and fitness apps (and websites) available out there nowadays–about 25,000 to be exact!  Here’s some information about some of my favorites:

  • MyFitnessPal:  a great starting spot for logging the food you eat and activities completed.  Keeping track of calories consumed and burned can kick off your weight loss or help you maintain your weight.  There are millions of foods in the app’s database, so you’ll be able to keep an accurate account of your intake.  You can also see whether you are above or below your recommended calorie allowance for the day.


  • NikePlus:  This is my must-have running buddy!  This app tracks your running distance as you are running, and saves your running history so you can see how you’ve improved.  You can check out your individual stats, compare with friends who use the app, and set up challenges to push yourself.  It requires some equipment: a chip that slips into my Nike running shoes (you can also find a chip-holder that can clip on to your laces) which transmits to a Nike+ Sportband that plugs into my iPod.  From  there, you can calibrate it so that it’s specific to your stride length, and you’re ready to go!


  • CalorieKing:  another resource to log your calorie intake and expenditure.  I like this one because it has the nutrition facts for foods at restaurants, which makes it easier to make healthy choices away from home.  You can also read success stories, follow other users’ blogs, and find healthy recipes.  Follow CalorieKing on Facebook to get inspirational messages in your newsfeed!


  • NTC:  stands for Nike Training Club.  This app is like a Personal Trainer in your pocket!  With options like Get Strong, Get Lean, Get Focused, and Get Toned, you have control over the type of workout then NTC will take it from there.  There are video examples of exercises, and your trainer could be a famous athlete like Serena Williams, Shawn Johnson, or Maria Sharapova!


  • SparkPeople:  This was the first website that I ever used to track my food and activity, and it’s such a great resource!  It also has lots of inspirational blogs where members share their successes as well as the bumps along the way to better health.  You can set a variety of goals from drinking more water to increasing number of active days or minutes per day to eating more fruits and vegetables, then track your progress.


  • Fooducate:  like a dietitian in your pocket!  This app is great at the grocery store and gives food products a grade based on the item’s healthfulness.  You can also get daily tips about nutrition labels, those hard to pronounce ingredients found in foods today, health claims and other marketing strategies to watch out for while grocery shopping.


What health and fitness apps do you use?

5 thoughts on “Some Pretty Cool Fitness & Nutrition Apps

  1. I got into Lose It! several years ago and still use it daily. It remembers what you are yesterday so when you have the same meal you just have one button push and yesterday’s meal is input. It also tracks your weight, food composition and exercise.

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