Half Marathon….Round Two!

After taking a break from training over the summer, I’ve started training for my 2nd half marathon.  My husband and I will be running the Prairie State Half Marathon in Libertyville, IL, on October 12th!  I’m starting off slow right now and am running 2-3 miles 3 times per week, and will be doing some cross training a couple of days each week as well.


Now that I have a half marathon under my belt, my training will be slightly different from the last one.  This time around, I hope to do more strength training so that my legs will be stronger.  Towards the end of the first half marathon, I got really tired and my body was just ready to be done.  I’m hoping more strength training will help me finish the race strong!


Completing the half marathon and then the Madison to Chicago Ragnar race showed me that I can push myself farther than I thought possible.  Those races were a big boost mentally, and I’ve noticed that running doesn’t seem like quite as much work as it was before I did them.


Goal:   to run the Prairie State Half in 2 hours and 15 minutes (about 5 minutes faster than last time).

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