Foodie Weekend!

On Saturday, my husband and I met up with friends at the Taste of Arlington Heights.  We ate dinner at home, then had dessert and drinks at the festival.  I enjoyed a slice of tiramisu and white sangria from Carlos & Carlos (Italian restaurant), followed by a blackberry lemonade made with moonshine from The Rack House (moonshine & BBQ).  Delicious!
Sunday afternoon we headed up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to see some friends from college for our annual trip to the state fair.  The Wisconsin state fair is great for fried food, cream puffs, and people watching.  There’s always a crazy new food to try…this year it was the beer donut.  The husband and I split one with lemony glaze on top and filled with jelly made with Summer Shandy.  Amazing!  I also had cheese curds (a staple of the fair), banana flavored milk, and cookie dough on a stick dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.  Can’t wait to go back next year!
Weekend Workouts:  Saturday–I ran 2.5 miles at gym on treadmill, then 20 minutes on elliptical.  Sunday:  2.25 mile run through my neighborhood…need to figure out how to use Runkeeper and music app simultaneously, it was WAY too quiet!

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