How 2013 went: a year of resolutions & goals

Stop drinking pop:  I was amazing on this one!  In the past, I could easily drink several cans/bottles of soda a day.  In 2013 I have buckled down and have had only a few sips all year.  I’ve been drinking so much more water and also cut out drinking Gatorade and Powerade just for fun.  New bad habit: can’t seem to drink much water without adding Mio…OOPS!


Run a half marathon:  Done…times 2!  I finished my first one on May 4th at the Wisconsin Half Marathon (the Cheesiest!).  Crossing that finish line was such an awesome feeling, and really opened my eyes to what I am capable of doing.  Half marathon #2 happened on a trail in October…less than stellar results, but now I know what my worst half marathon ever feels like 🙂  I also ran a Ragnar Relay from Madison to Chicago: 3 runs,18 total miles in a little over 24 hours!


Limit weekday drinking…not so great.  While I was half marathon training during the first few months of 2013, I did really well on keeping myself to only drinking 1-2 nights a week and only 1-2 drinks per time.  Then summer happened.  I played on three softball teams, which turned into three weeknight celebrations with my teams, in addition to the weekend drinks while hanging out.  As the weather has gotten colder, I’ve been doing better, but this is definitely something to continue working on in 2014.  I am proud of myself in recognizing that I’m not in college anymore, which has resulted in much less time spent being hungover!


Stay tuned for 2014 resolutions tomorrow!

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