New Years Eve and a Target Shopping Spree

New Year’s Eve was a blast!  I spent it up in Milwaukee at The Horny Goat with my husband and our friends from college.  We enjoyed a dinner of mostaccioli, greek salad, and the cheesiest garlic bread…definitely made in Wisconsin 🙂 (No food pictures…really need to work on that!) Then we headed over to the bar where we went to see Rebel Grace, a country music cover band.

nye mke 2013

For my NYE outfit, I went on a Target shopping spree!  My mom sent me a Target gift card for my birthday a couple of months ago, so New Years seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it.  I got some great deals and walked away with some awesome brown tall boots, a cute green blouse, two tank tops, and two pairs of SKINNY jeans.  The jeans purchase was pretty exciting, because I’ve never felt comfortable enough to wear them, but with the new boots, they looked great!  The Target trip was a success…sometimes you just need some retail therapy! (photos coming soon)

retail therapy

In other news, the Chicago area is digging out of the snow today.  It basically snowed for over 48 hours and totaled over 14 inches!  Needless to say, the commute to and from work was a little scary today.  I actually left wayyyy early this morning though, and ended up stopping into Starbucks to relax before heading to work 🙂

snowstorm 2014 new year

Where do you like to do your retail therapy?

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