Christmas trip & gifts recap

For Christmas this year, my husband and I flew out to Olympia, Washington, to visit my family for a week.  This was the first Christmas in a few years that I’ve been able to make it back, and we’ve decided we’ll try to spend Christmas there every other year.

capitol lake

(Running on the Capitol Lake path)

olympia capitol

(View of the capitol building from the Capitol Lake path)

It was a week of family time, catching up with friends, yummy food & drinks, awesome running weather, and giving and receiving gifts.

Giving:  I gave alot of gift cards this year out of convenience.  It’s much easier to pack a suitcase when you just have to toss in some gift cards rather than bulky presents!  I also got my husband a Blackhawks polo and Bears workout shirt.  And the movie Pitch Perfect.  He loves it!  Nothing too big or fancy this year…we tried to save some money since we’re buying a house later this spring.

Receiving:  I was spoiled this year!  I received a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS running watch (so excited to try it out once the snow and cold are a little more tolerable!)


Underarmour cold weather running tights and a Marquette University sweatshirt (love the soft inside of new sweatshirts :))


The Rabbit wine opener and some fun wintery wine charms … a digital picture frame (both not pictured)

Gift Cards: H&M, Old Navy, Roadrunner Sports, iTunes, Fandango


One Direction’s new CD.  Guilty pleasure!


We’ll be celebrating Christmas with my husband’s family tomorrow!

What was your favorite gift?
Where did you celebrate the holidays?

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