Snow Day!

Today it snowed some more (I’m guessing we’re at about 2 feet overall now over the past week!), so I stayed indoors since I felt like I was starting to catch a cold.


(Snowy view from my apartment)


(the forecast for the next few days…BRUTAL!)

I watched a few episodes of Scandal season 2.  I had heard great things about the show, so I purchased season 1 last week through Amazon instant video (if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch some TV shows and movies for no extra cost…AMAZING!).



So now I’ve caught up to episode 16 of Season 2…it’s so addicting!  One of my new year’s resolutions is to limit TV time to about 2 hours daily, and that allows me to watch 3 episodes back to back of Scandal each day!

I also caught up on Pinterest and pinned LOTS of new pins.  There is something so relaxing about pinning and organizing pins 🙂  I’ll have to share a few of my favorites in the blog soon…

After being a bum the first half of the day, I got my butt off the couch and started cleaning up the apartment.  My husband wasn’t home, so I was SUPER productive!  I found this new app called 30/30 that allows you to create a checklist and give each task an allotted amount of time.

30 30 app


I pretty much just set it for 20 minutes at a time to see how much I could get done before the timer went off, then allowed myself 10 minutes to relax/blog/go online.  So many things checked off my to-do list:

  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Took ornaments off of tree
  • Cleared bedroom floor of laundry & leftover stuff from traveling
  • Dusted everything!
  • Scrubbed the tile entryway (sooo much dirt tracked in!)
  • Tidied up 2nd bedroom (no longer looks like an explosion went off in there!)

Overall, Sunday has been a wonderful balance of relaxation and productivity!


What did you do this weekend?
Are you more productive when your husband/roommate/parents aren’t home?

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