Workin’ On My Fitness

After my half marathon in October, I pretty much stopped working out on a regular basis.  It didn’t happen on purpose, but it definitely happened.  So over the holidays I started running again, and since New Year’s I’ve worked out 7 times!  I joined a new gym, because my old gym was pretty old (equipment and clientele-wise), and my husband and a few friends workout at this new one which I’m hoping will be a motivator for me!

Five runs and 2 elliptical/strength days so far this year!  Running has been on the treadmill, but has actually been pretty great.  Unfortunately my gym gets really hot (also super crowded and difficult to get a treadmill at times–grrr!), so I feel like I get tired more quickly.  In the past being overly warm would have made me end the workout early, so I’ve tried to pay attention to whether I’m actually tired (huffing and puffing and legs getting tired) or just hot and sweaty.  Most of the time I’m just feeling hot and sweaty, and I’ve been pushing myself through that feeling by telling myself that during a race when it gets hot out, I’ll be that much more prepared.  I can’t wait until the snow and puddles are gone so I can run outside!

I have to admit, though, the strength workouts have been very haphazard.  Like I just wander around the gym doing different machines in no particular order.  I know how to use most of the machines and equipment, but I still get intimidated at times (like when there are a million people at the gym!) and don’t do certain things to avoid looking silly.

Which is just silly in itself, because I’ve worked with personal trainers multiple times to learn different exercises, I read fitness magazines and have torn out the workout routines to take with me to the gym, and have even printed and laminated workouts from Pinterest to try out.  So I’m really just being whiny and should just get over this silly fear of the non-cardio activities at the gym!

My workout plan this week:

Monday: Ran 4 miles (wootwoot!) and played volleyball (we won the match 3-0!)

Tuesday: do some strength exercises at home, since I won’t be able to make it to the gym after work (meeting with a realtor!).

Wednesday: Run 3 miles at the gym before work (we’ll see how early morning workouts go!)

Thursday:  elliptical and strength at the gym (planning to take one of my laminated Pinterest workouts with me–seriously, how am I scared of looking silly while doing strength at the gym, when I look so professional with my handy dandy workout sheets?!?!?)


Friday:  Run 4-5 miles at the gym

Saturday/Sunday:  in Indianapolis, most likely will take the weekend off.  Everybody needs rest!


How are your fitness goals going?
Any suggestions for getting over my fear of looking silly at the gym?

One thought on “Workin’ On My Fitness

  1. I took an unintentional break from working out after my first half. Not really sure why, but it did. Anyway, I’m now dealing with the break I took over the holidays. Sounds like a new gym is just what you needed to get you motivated. I’m going to slowly start adding early morning workouts to my routine. Hoping all goes well!

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