What I Ate Wednesday #2: It’s All About Balance!

Happy Wednesday!  Sorry to complain about the weather (AGAIN!), but I was up at 5am this morning  to post this, get ready, and give myself an extra hour to get to work.  Overnight we got 7 inches of fresh snow, so it will be a slippery drive this morning!

Today I am linking up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.  For those who asked last week, I was out of town most of the weekend, so I didn’t have a chance to make the neon rice krispies…

seahawks rice crispies

….although, what a great treat to make to celebrate the Super Bowl CHAMPIONS!  Go Seahawks!  I was so excited to see them win their first Super Bowl!  So proud to be part of the 12th Man!

As I mentioned earlier, I was out of town over the weekend….in the Wisconsin Dells!  For those who don’t know, the Dells is known as the water park capital of the world.  My church’s youth group was participating in a conference there, so I volunteered to help chaperone for the event.  It was an awesome weekend…lots of water park memories and lots of great speakers and conversations.  A really awesome way to get re-energized in my faith and left me with alot to think about the person I want to be.

Being away from home, especially at a water park resort, there usually aren’t a ton of healthy options.  My food mission for the trip was to try to find a good balance of healthy and not so healthy foods.  Here’s what I ate:


(I stopped at Culver’s on the way up there and got a Chicken Cashew Salad with Raspberry Viniagrette dressing…and the frozen custard flavor of the day, Cashew Delight!  If you’ve been to Culver’s before, you know they are known for their butter burgers, fries, and custard, so I felt that my salad and custard was a good balance given the other options available.)


(We ate dinner at the water park on Saturday.  There were tons of options like pizza, chicken tenders, burgers, hot dogs, fries, and this awesome Thai veggie wrap!  The dipping sauce was the best!  I ate all of the fries and half of the wrap, saving the rest for lunch the next day.)

We also had Subway for one of the lunches over the weekend, so I had a 6″ ham sub and a small bag of Cheetos.

I don’t know about you, but generally when I’m on vacation I tend to let my food choices be on vacation too.  I usually feel pretty bloated and gross by the time I return home.  This time around, though, I felt like I had tons of energy and no bloat, so I think I’ve found a pretty good balance of healthy foods while allowing myself to still indulge a little too 🙂

What was the best thing you ate this week?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #2: It’s All About Balance!

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