Five Things Friday #3: Olympics!

Woot Woot!  It’s Friday!  TGIF!  Today I’m linking up with Fitting It All In’s Five Things Friday!

five things friday

Five Things I’m Excited About This Weekend!

1.  Let the House Search Begin!  Tomorrow we are going out to look at houses for the first time!  So excited!  So many exclamation points!

2.  Free Personal Training Session at my new gym tomorrow!  I want to learn more about the equipment there and help strengthening my legs so I can run more awesomely.  Right now I feel like I ignore half of the gym, because I don’t know where some things are or how to use everything, and don’t want to be in people’s way while I am exploring…so the training session will be a big help!


(Okay, I’m not quite that bad…)

3.  Seeing the Lego Movie on Sunday!  Also did you know that seeing a movie in the morning is only like $6?!?  It’s like a flashback to the ’90s!


4.  The Olympics!  Opening ceremonies tonight!  Last night I watched women’s snowboarding and men’s short figure skating.


5.  These Interesting Health Articles (and some funny ones too!):

36 You’ve Always Wanted to Say on Facebook

Awkward Figure Skating Faces vs. Awkward Diving Faces

Eat Like an Olympian: Four Power Breakfasts 

How Restaurants Can Reduce the Salt in Your Food

Looking at Photos online Can Change the Way You Eats

10 Healthy Eating Apps This Nutritionist Loves

What are you excited about this weekend?
What events will you watch during the 2014 Winter Olympics?

4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #3: Olympics!

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