My Week in Pictures

This week was awesome–The Seahawks won the Super Bowl, and I ate some delicious food!  Here was my week in pictures:

Super Bowl Workout

(Not exactly a picture, but the workout that I created for the Super Bowl)


(Sorry it’s a little blurry (it’s from my TV), but it’s Pete Carroll–Seahawks’ Coach–at the end of the Super Bowl)


(My office received a giant box of children’s books…the kids have been loving them and are so excited when they find out they can take one home)


(My car after the snowstorm on Tuesday/Wednesday…we got almost 10 inches, and total snowfall this year is like 6 feet or something crazy like that!)


(This was a yummy dinner that my husband made:  fajita style tacos and a salad of greens)


(This scrumptious meal was at a Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dinner meeting, and was prepared by Inspiration Kitchens)


(Chocolate chip pancakes, breakfast for dinner!)

What was the highlight of your week?

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