Five Things Friday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Hope you guys are having a happy Friday!  However you celebrate this “holiday”, I hope you have a fun time!

Today I’m linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday.

five things friday

Five Things I’m Excited About….

#1:  Date night with the hubby tonight!  We’re going to Jameson’s Charhouse for dinner then a movie…probably the Monument’s Men.


#2:  Making the husband’s Valentine’s Day present…some peanut butter and chocolate goodness!  Recipe and photos will be posted later this weekend.  (He requested that I bake something especially for him, because every other time I bake things we end up taking them to work or somebody’s house and he never gets to fully enjoy them.)  It will probably end up being something like this…


#3:  A three and a half day weekend!  I’m taking off early from work today to make the yummy treat for my husband, and then I get Monday off too!  Woot woot!


#4:  National Marquette Day!  It’s pretty much Marquette’s version of homecoming, and alumni clubs across the country get together for game watching parties.  Tomorrow we’re heading up to Milwaukee in our blue and gold to watch Marquette play Xavier.  Then we’ll meet up with some friends for grown-up dinner and drinks (friends are leaving baby at home, which makes it “grown-up”). 🙂


#5:  An awesome session with a new trainer at my gym!  She had me using the ropes, a Bosu ball, doing crunches, jumping rope, doing burpees &  mountain climbers, and speedy toe touches on the Bosu ball.  It was intense and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like throwing up halfway through the workout!  The session was free since I’m a new member at the gym, so I hope to make it a regular thing if it works into the budget.


And now for your reading pleasure:

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What are you up to this weekend?
Tell me about your favorite and/or worst valentine’s day ever.

3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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