Celebrate National Almond Day!


In honor of National Almond Day, I’ve compiled some yummy almond recipes.

But first, some fun facts about almonds:

**A 1 ounce serving = 23 almonds**

**High in Monounsaturated (good) fats**

**6g of protein per ounce makes it the best tree nut source of protein**

**4g of fiber per ounce makes it a filling snack**

**Packed with Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Phosphorus, & Riboflavin**

**Great option for those with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity as it is gluten free**

**When eaten with breakfast, can help stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day**


**You can use Almond Milk, Almond Flour, and Almond Butter in cooking & baking**


chopped power salad

(Chopped Power Salad with Baked Tofu & Almond Miso dressing)


raw almond butter cups

Raw Almond Butter Cups (Vegan & GF!)




Almond Joy Martini


Elegant Almond Bars




How do you like to eat almonds?

3 thoughts on “Celebrate National Almond Day!

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