Thinking Out Loud 2.27.14

Today I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud.  Enjoy my rants and randomness!

  • I can’t stand The Bachelor.  Granted, I’ve never really watched it before, but the whole premise of the show just seems silly to me.  Does the Bachelor/Bachelorette really expect to find “the one” out of the whole experience?  I was listening to a morning radio show on my way to work yesterday morning, and their recap of this week’s episode kind of made me sick.  Anyone else tired of this show?  (However, I love Big Brother and can’t wait for it to come back…so I guess some “reality TV” is okay, haha)


  • The highlight of my week has been getting a new dishwasher!  I absolutely hate doing the dishes, so I was annoyed to no end when I found out that our old dishwasher wasn’t draining normally.  Then our apartment maintenance crew came to check it out and left a note saying that they would have to order something.  TWO WEEKS LATER, we came home to find a new dishwasher.  I actually offered to do the dishes last night, because I was so excited I wouldn’t have to do it by hand!


  • A few weeks ago, I met with a trainer at my gym to do a fitness assessment.  She is also a runner, and after my assessment, told me that she was really impressed with how I powered through the workout.  I told her that I wanted to beat my half marathon time of 2:20 and get below 2:15, and she said that she thought I could get under 2 hours based on my performance in the workout.  I thought she was crazy at first because I’ve felt for a long time that I couldn’t get any faster than 10 and a half minute miles.  But as I’ve had more time to think about it, I’ve been pushing myself harder during runs and I’ve been fine.  I can actually run at 6 mph on the treadmill for a while and not feel like I’m going to die, and even tried to finish a couple of runs by increasing the speed to 7 or 7.5 mph to see how long I can handle it.  Now, when I set the treadmill to 5.5 mph which I used to run at all the time, it feels super slow.  I’m so happy that I met with that trainer, because she really opened my eyes to what I am capable of!


  • As a registered dietitian (RD), I feel like I have to be a role model when it comes to eating…and recently I’ve definitely been the opposite of that.  I generally am pretty mindful of what I’m eating but also like to indulge in the things I like.  Lately though, things have really gotten out of control.  For instance, yesterday I ate a bag of Sour Patch Kids at work and took a donut that a co-worker offered.  And I made some baked treats the past 2 weekends, and have been eating those nonstop…I just feel gross and bloaty, and not like an eating role model.  I feel like I need to avoid sweets for a few weeks to get myself back to a more balanced diet.


What is your favorite sweet treat?
What do you do when you overindulge too often?
Have you pushed your self past your own limits? What was your inspiration?

4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 2.27.14

  1. Confession: I’ve never watched The Bachelor so I have no idea what’s going on aside from what I read in the blog world. I kind of want to see what all the fuss is about, but I somehow always have other things to do. And girl I’m definitely feeling you on the sweet tooth. I went a little overboard around Christmas and have been slowly trying to ween myself off over the past couple months by just trying to stick to more nourishing foods in hopes that my cravings will simmer down. Some days are more successful than others 😆

  2. No doubt you won’t hit that sub 2 half marathon. No dream is too high to reach! When it comes to over indulging – doesn’t everyone have those times in their life? Heck, if any one would say they never have I’d call them a liar. Sure you may of had an extra sweet (or 2 & maybe even 3/4), but it’s usually just what you need to get back on track.

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