Five Things Friday #7: My Third RD-iversary!

Five things things I’m excited about this weekend:

five things friday

1.  Today’s my third RD-iversary!  Three years ago today, my 6 years of school and 7 month internship paid off when I passed the exam to become a registered dietitian.

2.  House Hunting!  We  are checking out a few more houses, and may be putting in an offer on one we saw earlier this week.  I feel like such a grown-up!

3.  Long Run!  This weekend I’m running 8 miles for my longest run of the year.  2 months to go for the Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon!

4.  Food prep:  Over the last few weeks I’ve felt super disorganized for meals, so I want to set myself up for success and have a few dinners ready (and hopefully leftovers for lunch too!)

5.  Bed Bath & Beyond trip!  We’ve got lots of gift cards leftover from our wedding, and a few from my birthday & Christmas, so I’m planning to splurge a little this weekend on a few things for the kitchen 🙂

Five Fun Articles I’ve Been Reading…

One Third of Calories in the US Food Supply Go Uneaten

Food Labels Set for New Look

5 Ways to Eat Less Sugar

New CDC Data Shows 43% Drop In Obesity Rates Among Children 2 to 5

Abdominal Fat Accumulation Prevented by Unsaturated Fat

What are you excited about this weekend?

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