Thoughts on Added Sugars and the New Nutrition Label

Happy Tuesday!  I’ve got some exciting news to share, but have to keep it quiet for a couple more days…believe me, I am just about to burst from excitement and want to tell the whole world!

In the meantime, today I’m talking about sugar.  As I shared last week, I gave up sweets for Lent.  Which really hasn’t been too hard, since we don’t have any in the house now and I haven’t bought any.  I was offered donuts at work last week, but I’m not really a fan of donuts anyway so it wasn’t too hard to say no.  So I’ve been thinking that maybe I should challenge myself a little further and start paying attention to added sugars and artificial sweeteners as well.

Some observations I’ve made so far….

  • Since I stopped drinking soda last year, I’ve been drinking alot of water flavored with Mio/Dasani Drops/Crystal Light Liquid which are calorie free but contain Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (artificial sweeteners).  I’m torn, because these water flavor-ers have helped me to get my recommended water intake on a regular basis.  Maybe I’ll try to substitute fruit occasionally?


  • My instant oatmeal (Meijer Fiber Complete Maple & Brown Sugar) that I eat most mornings contains sugar, sucralose, maple sugar, and brown sugar.  Total carbs for the 2 packets that I consume:  68g, including 14g of sugars and 20g of dietary fiber.  Sounds like I should take a little more time in the mornings to make oatmeal from scratch and/or find an instant oatmeal that is lower in added sugars.


  • My favorite flavor of LaraBar (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) has sugar, chocolate chips, and dates for sweetness, with a total of 26g of carbs, 19g of which are sugar.  These are great snacks after work before I work out, so I’ll have to check the other flavors and see if they are a little lower in sugar.


Have you heard about the new nutrition labels that the FDA proposed a couple of weeks ago?  I think they will be great!  They are making it easier to pay attention to the extra sugars added, in addition to drawing more attention to serving size and servings per container.



The only problem is, what qualifies as an added sugar?  Will artificial sweeteners be included?  These articles from Fooducate also raise alot of great points about the updated nutrition labels:

FDA Proposes 10 Awesome Changes to Nutrition Labels, But Misses 5 Crucial Modifications

5 Unintended Consequences of the FDA’s Proposed Nutrition Labels

What do you think about the proposed nutrition labels?
Do you pay attention to the added sugar and artificial sweeteners in food/drinks?
Did you give something up for Lent? How’s it going?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Added Sugars and the New Nutrition Label

  1. I think the current nutrition labels are a bit confusing and tricky now, so any improvement is great news! I had paid attention to added sugar and artificial sweeteners before but I guess I realized I was getting a little out of hand and you can’t protect yourself from everything!

  2. I think the added sugars listing is going to be the trickiest part of getting the new nutrition label passed. I feel big food manufacturers are going to fight really hard against that one since, as you described with your oatmeal, sugar goes by so many different names. One way I’ve cut out a lot of sugars is by purchasing plain products (yogurt, oatmeal) and adding my own fruit/flavoring.

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