Five Things Friday: St. Patrick’s Day Style!

TGIF!  For Five Things Friday this week, I’m sharing my FIVE things I’m excited about this weekend…

#1:  Celebrating in Chicago!  Tomorrow I am heading into the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for the first time!  I’m so excited to see the craziness and be a part of it!

#2:  Seeing the Chicago river dyed bright green!


#3:  Eating Shepherd’s Pie!  My most favorite Irish food of all time! #nom


#4:  Warm weather!  Today’s high is supposed to be 54 degrees and sunny, and tomorrow is 46 and sunny…so happy that this crazy winter is finally coming to an end!

#5:  Being with friends for St. Patrick’s Day!  Every other year recently, I’ve had to work during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, so I’m happy I can celebrate with them this year 🙂

Five Interesting Reads….

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8 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

What are you excited for this weekend?
How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

One thought on “Five Things Friday: St. Patrick’s Day Style!

  1. I am excited for some best friend time tonight! It is so hard being 3 hours away from my bestie! Heck I shouldn’t even be complaining haha. I honestly don’t celebrate it, just wear a green shirt!

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