My Favorite Blogs: Running Edition

Today I thought that I would share some of my favorite running blogs.  These guys inspire me to run and have taught me a whole lot about how to run safely and fun-ly.  Happy reading 🙂

The Hungry Runner Girl:  Janae blogs all about running, yummy food, and her adorable little girl.  She lives in Utah and shares about fun adventures with her family too.  I just love how random she is, and how she always looks at the happy/fun side of things.


Run, Eat, Repeat:  Monica blogs all about running, food, and randomness.  She started running to lose weight a few years ago, and has some great posts and videos for new runners.  I love reading about her running adventures, and she recently completed 2 marathons in less than a week!


Shut Up And Run:  Beth blogs about running in all kinds of weather.  She recently completed the LA Marathon and will begin training soon for an Ironman triathlon.  I love that she tells it like it is and shares all the nitty gritty details of running!


What’s your favorite running blog?
What inspires you to run?

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