Five Things Friday: March Madness Edition

Happy Friday!  Here’s Five Things I’m excited about this Friday….

#1:  March Madness:  I’m in Milwaukee for the first and second round of the NCAA basketball tournament!

#2:  Milwaukee:  I love being in this city!  Since college I’ve only been here for basketball games and a few concerts, so I’m excited to have a whole weekend to hang out here 🙂

#3:  Hanging out with friends from college…we don’t get to see each other nearly enough, so this weekend will be so fun to catch up and reminisce!

#4:  Veronica Mars Movie!  I used to watch this show all the time with my college roommates, and we’re going to see the movie this Sunday!

#5:  A 4-day weekend!  It will be ah-mazing to have four days to relax 🙂

Five fun articles to read!

What to Expect from a Dietitian

The Risk of High Protein Diets

12 Health Shortcuts for When You Don’t Have Time

Farm-To-Table Living Takes Root

27 Ways to Get More Sh*t Done

In case you missed my interview in the Chicago Sun Times from Thursday….here it is, I’m kind of a big deal!

What are you excited about this weekend?
Are you a fan of Veronica Mars?
Who are you cheering for in March Madness?

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