What I Ate Wednesday: March Madness Weekend in Milwaukee

Last week, I spent Thursday through Saturday up in Milwaukee for March Madness!  Here’s a recap of the events of the weekend, and a peek at what I ate!

what i ate wednesday

First stop Thursday morning was the Hofbrauhaus (aka German Beer Hall) for a Shotski 🙂


Then we headed over to the Bradley Center to watch Wisconsin vs. American, and Oregon vs. BYU during the early afternoon session.


Wisconsin won.  As a Marquette grad, I can never cheer for Wisconsin, but this win did help my bracket.

I enjoyed some QDoba nachos for lunch…the Bradley Center had extra food booths set up so the lines wouldn’t be too long, which I really appreciated since I wanted to hurry back to the games!


My favorite part of the Oregon game was watching the Oregon Duck.  Quite the character!


Oregon won!  Another win for my bracket!

Between sessions, we headed over to Flannery’s for some dinner.


They have a “retro” happy hour, so I ordered my first Old Fashioned!  Apparently, the thing to do in Wisconsin is make this drink with brandy and sweet.  #wheninrome


I ordered a vegetable melt sandwich with sweet potato fries.  It really hit the spot!


For the evening session we watched Michigan beat Wofford (GO BLUE!), and Texas win over Arizona State (It was intense and Texas won on a buzzer beater!)

On Friday, I went to a friend’s house who had 2 TV’s set up in their living room so we could watch 2 basketball games at a time.  For dinner, we headed to Cafe Centraal in Bayview, which is a Belgian themed restaurant.  I ordered a warm drink called Bayview Afternoon, which had coffee, Bailey’s, Kahlua, and butterscotch schnapps.


For the meal I ordered a flatbread with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, onions, ricotta and basil oil, with a small cup of white bean chicken chili.  Everything was amazing!


Saturday we headed back to the Bradley Center to watch Michigan play Texas, and they won!  We’re going to the Sweet 16!


After that Wisconsin played Oregon.  I have never been surrounded by more Wisconsin fans….it was a nightmare.  Oregon was up by 12 at halftime, but ended up losing by 8.  We got out of there really quickly so we didn’t have to endure the Wisconsin fans rioting in the streets.

Overall, it was a fun weekend of food and basketball!


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