Shamrock Shuffle Recap

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k for the 3rd time yesterday!  It was awesome!  Here’s a recap of the event…

I visited the expo at Navy Pier on Saturday afternoon and thought it would be a good idea to drive.  I made amazing time getting into the city, but getting to Navy Pier was a nightmare because everyone was trying to get  to the same place and we moved like .2 miles an hour.  Parking wasn’t fun, either, but I survived and finally made it to the expo.  Packet pickup was quick and then I walked around to see all of the vendor booths.  There were alot of race booths and booths for headbands, race belts, shoes, and other running gear.  Bandi belts and Sweaty Bands were new to me, and I’m thinking about ordering them online.


On race morning, I hopped on the el around 7am to head into the city.  It was pretty chilly (low 30s), so I drank some coffee to warm up.  I munched on a bagel with peanut butter on the way.


I hit up the bathrooms while there was no line, then hung out for a bit (I got there super early!) before dropping off my stuff at the bag check.  Hi, Sears Tower!


There was a little confusion about corrals and I ended up in the G corral even though it was posted as H corral where I was supposed to be.  Oops!  It all worked out, though.  There were about 40,000 other runners, and it took forever to get to the start line.


And then we were off!  It was so cold that I couldn’t really feel my legs during the first mile and was just kind of following the pace that everyone else was running.  This was my third time running the race and my goal was to beat last year’s time of 51:48.  Mile 1 was a 10:45 pace, and I knew I had to pick up the pace if I wanted to meet my goal.


I used my iPod and Nike Plus to track my time, and held my phone to take pictures.  I was super paranoid about dropping it while crossing over bridges, but really wanted to get a picture of the Chicago theater! (In the picture below, up the street on the left side)


I spent the majority of the race weaving in and out of people.  I got so annoyed with all of the people walking.  Didn’t they know I was trying to PR?!?!?  Haha


I passed these signs as I turned onto Michigan Ave. during the last mile.  Then we ran up the hill of death on Roosevelt.  It’s not really a hill, but having a race end on an incline is just plain mean!


And then I finished!  In 47:51!  I was totally shocked and soooo happy!  I totally earned my finish line beer!


I hung out for a while at the post-race party and ‘Stache performed a bunch of cover songs.  It was still pretty chilly, but the sun was out and it was beautiful!


The Shannon Rovers played too!  The guy playing the base drum in the middle got really into it and was hopping all over the place.


Overall, I was extremely happy with my experience at Shamrock Shuffle 2014, and I am so excited about my time!


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