Five Things Friday: Play Ball!

Five Things I’m excited about this Friday:

1.  Cubs’ Home Opener:  I’m not actually going to the game, but I’m heading down after work to celebrate with friends in Wrigleyville.

(We can hope!)

2.  My husband’s birthday!  He turns 28 tomorrow, and his only request was that we see the new Muppet movie 🙂


3.  Lots of sleep!  I can’t seem to kick this cold, so I plan on getting 8-9 hours each night (my body’s alarm clock doesn’t let me sleep longer than that ever) and lots of little naps too!

4.  Comcast’s Xfinity Watchathon…there are whole shows (every season!) available to watch on demand right now!  HBO has every show ever made available to watch right now…there will definitely be some marathons this weekend!

5.  The Final Four and National Championship game…even though Michigan is out, I still love watching the top teams play for the top spot!

Fun Things to Read This Weekend:

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What are you excited about this weekend?

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