Thinking Out Loud 4.10.14

This week’s random thoughts, thanks to Thinking Out Loud:

1.  I wish November Project had a group in the Chicago/NW Suburbs area!  I am so jealous of Sarah and Anne who get to do it every week!  I would start one up myself, but I work and commute too much to set it up.


2.  Currently I’m reading The Maze Runner (still) and I got a copy of Allegiant from my sister-in-law so I’ve read a few pages of that too.  The Maze Runner is still pretty slow, but it’s growing on me and I’m determined to finish it now that I’ve put this much time in to reading it!


3.  I’m on day 10 of a sore throat & cough.  I have cut down the amount of cold medicine I’m taking each day, but now my airways are so dry that I can hardly breath without coughing…not very conducive for running right now #sadface

4.  I think I have a magazine problem….I have multiple piles of unread magazines around my apartment, and no motivation to work through them right now.  My subscriptions include: Self, Fitness, Runner’s World, and Glamour, then I always pick up Chicago Athlete and Competitor at the gym…and I also get the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and newsletters for the Weight Management and Sports/Cardiovascular/Wellness dietetic practice groups.  I know, it’s pretty ridiculous….I think it’s time to cancel some subscriptions, and maybe get to reading the ones I really am interested in.  Also we’ll be moving soon, so I will most likely be getting rid of these piles whether they’ve been read or not.  Do you subscribe to any magazines?  Which ones are your favorites?

5.  I’m starting to freak out a little about the half marathon in 23 days!  Since I haven’t felt great the past 2 weeks, my mileage has not been anywhere near where it should be.  Like yesterday I planned to do 5 miles, and I could only make it 1.3 miles til I couldn’t handle not being able to get full breaths.  I have a 5k race this weekend and I am going do my best to get lots of sleep and fluids so I can rock it!

6.  So much happiness right now, because of the warm weather!  It’s been over 60 degrees the past few days and it feels amazing!

7.  When Lent is over, I am really excited to have ice cream!  I got a coupon for a free gelato at Mariano’s in my Shamrock Shuffle swag bag, and I can’t wait to try it!



2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 4.10.14

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the happiness that comes with the warmer weather. I didn’t even realize how much I missed being outside and having my windows open until I started being able to do both this week. Squee! I swear I’m going to be doing happy dances like a mad[woman] when I start seeing green grass and budding trees.

    Hope you feel better soon! ❤

  2. Boo to your sickness! I woke up this morning feeling a sore throat and my nose is feeling the same as yours! I hope we both get rid of these symptoms pronto!

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