Five Things Friday: 4.11.14

Five Things I’m excited about this weekend:

1.  Race to Wrigley 5k


2.  Seeing one of my roommates from grad school…and she’s going to be moving here soon!


3.  A friend’s birthday party…can’t wait to see everyone!

4.  Sleeping and getting lots of rest so I can feel better

5.  Reading The Maze Runner & Allegiant


Five fun articles I’ve been reading:

Schools Increasingly Checking for Obesity

The Diet Soda Business is in Freefall

10 Surprising Things about Being the Healthiest Woman You Can Be

12 Tips to Run Through Allergy Season

How Rising Grocery Prices Change What We Eat

What are you excited about this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 4.11.14

  1. I am excited for resting and getting back to good health again too! Oh and lunch and greys with my sister, nothing like family bonding time 🙂

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