MIMM: Weekend in the City!

Well, I had a MARVELOUS weekend!

Marvelous is…during work on Friday, I found out that I got a promotion–I’ll be the supervisor at a WIC office in the city!  (For a refresher on my job, here you go!)


Marvelous is…getting home from work on Friday and getting a text to practice hitting.  Softball season is right around the corner, and we had a great time being outside in the sunshine!


Marvelous is…having an Ah-Mazing inside out grilled cheese sandwich & a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale after softball practice…and Nick Lachey liking the photo of it on Instagram!


Marvelous is…PRing at the Race to Wrigley 5k!  My best time was 30:02 and I ran it in 29:28 on Saturday morning!  The celebratory drinks were great too! 😉




‘ve never seen this many people in a bar at 9am!

Marvelous is…a birthday party with friends 🙂  We enjoyed the windy, sunny Saturday afternoon outside, and the temperature got into the low 70’s!

Marvelous is…finding The Following on Netflix!  I watched the first 4 episodes and I’m addicted!


Marvelous is…seeing one of my roommates from grad school!  She and her fiance are moving here next month, and I can’t wait!  We met up for lunch at Lou Malnati’s so they could try some Chicago deep dish pizza.  It definitely hit the spot!


Marvelous is…a homemade grilled cheese with bacon, tomato, and pepperjack & colby jack cheeses.  Heavenly!


Your turn…What did you do this weekend that was marvelous?

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