All Moved In & Frigo Cheeseheads Light String Cheese Review

After a long hiatus, I am back!  Buying a new house and moving has taken up wayyy more time than expected.  Since I last posted, we have painted ALLLLLL of the trim in our house white, painted the living & dining room area a light gray color, and painted our master bedroom bright blue.  Our apartment has been cleaned top to bottom & keys turned in, and everything has been moved in to our house and we are just finding places for everything now 🙂

Here’s a quick tour:

The view from the street


Living room with new paint


Master bedroom with new paint color


Kitchen with new fridge (our first purchased appliance!)


The inside view of the fridge…it’s amazing!


Bathroom:  We just installed the new toilet and put up a fun shower curtain (from Target) on the extended rod. Next thing to do for the bathroom: fix water pressure!  As of right now, there is about zero pressure and it takes forever to rinse out my shampoo & conditioner.


Our dining room area and another bedroom are kind of just storage for right now, and the 3rd bedroom is the Man Cave…my husband plans to paint it blue and orange for the Chicago Bears.

I’m so excited to get an outdoor table set and grill too for our back patio so we can spend lots of time outside this summer!

In other news, I was contacted recently by Saputo to review their Frigo® Cheese Heads®Light String Cheese.  It was really perfect timing, because meals were pretty haphazard during the moving process and it was great to have an extra snack on hand, like this string cheese!


String cheese always reminds me of brown bag lunches in elementary school and grabbing a quick snack after school before soccer practice.  Now as an adult, I still like to enjoy string cheese.  It’s super easy to toss in your lunch bag on your way out the door, and they are fun to eat too!  I like to take my time and make as many strings as possible.

As you can see from the picture above,  Frigo® Cheese Heads®Light String Cheese is packed with nutrients–it’s tasty AND nutritious!  Each string cheese contains:

**50 calories**
**7 grams of protein**
**only 2.5 grams of fat**
**20% of your daily Calcium needs**

As always, all opinions are my own.  Full Disclosure:  Saputo provided me coupons for  Frigo® Cheese Heads®Light String Cheese, in return for this review.

What’s your favorite way to eat string cheese?

Did you celebrate National Running Day?  I ran 3.5 miles #yayrunning

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