My Experience with Advocare: 10 Day Cleanse Review

Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine contacted me last month about trying out the 10 Day Cleanse from Advocare.  I received a box of the 10 Day Cleanse product in return for this review post.  All opinions are my own.

As a Registered Dietitian, it definitely took some thought before committing to this.  I am often asked by friends and family about cleanses, and I always respond that you can achieve the same results in a healthier way by just eating less processed foods, tons of fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water.

Here’s why I was so hesitant…You hear about cleanses everywhere in the news, yet it’s not universally defined what a cleanse is or does.  They generally aren’t something your primary care physician would recommend, and most doctors would actually tell you to avoid these at all costs.  Cleanses like this tend not to be approved by the FDA, and therefore their ingredients can’t be guaranteed safe and their claims may not be valid.

Here’s why I chose to try it…To be honest, I hadn’t been eating like a nutrition role model should over the past couple of months.  I felt like the Advocare challenge would be a great opportunity to make it a habit again.  Also, I can share my experience and knowledge of this cleanse with people when I am asked about cleanses in the future.

So here’s what Becky sent me…

1 box of Advocare’s 10 Day Cleanse, which included:

  • 6 packets of Peaches and Cream Fiber Drink
  • 7 packets of Herbal Cleanse Fiber Capsules
  • 7 packets of Probiotic Restore Capsules

The 10 Day Cleanse also involves taking Spark (an energy drink), Catalyst (amino acid supplement), meal replacement shakes, and OmegaPlex vitamins.  I only purchased a variety pack of Spark (14 packets for $29.99 from Becky, who is an Advocare distributor), because the other products are pretty pricey.  The variety pack flavors included Citrus, Mandarin Orange, Watermelon, Grape, Pink Lemonade, Mango Strawberry, and Fruit Punch.

The diet recommendations that go along with the 1o Day Cleanse include:  focusing on fruits, vegetables, limited whole grains, water, and lean protein; avoiding processed foods, dairy, added sugar, fried foods, alcohol, coffee, and soda.

Activity recommendations:  at least 30 minutes, 5 days per week.

Some of my meals included:  tuna mixed with avocado over mixed greens, pesto chicken, taco-seasoned lentils, and eggs and veggie scrambles.  I have to admit I slipped up a couple of times, mainly when we were short on time to make dinner and we ended up having pizza with cheese and non-whole grain crust or white pasta, but I think overall it was fairly balanced eating during the challenge.  I also ended up having a Not Your Father’s Root Beer last weekend when I was out with friends…I was too excited that it was available, and it was the only alcoholic drink I had during the challenge.  Had I not been doing the challenge, I likely would have ordered 2-3 of them and would have felt gross the next day.


  • Taste-wise, Spark is pretty great!  My favorite flavors were Watermelon and Grape.
  • I felt much less bloated!
  • Makes you very “regular”, bowel movement-wise.  This isn’t something I really had a problem with before the challenge, though.
  • I stopped drinking coffee!  I didn’t think that could ever happen!  The small amount of caffeine in Spark is enough for me, I guess.
  • Online community:  a Facebook group is available for support, which can be encouraging for weight loss
  • Has helped me to make healthier choices the norm again–I’m hoping to keep these habits going, because summer tends to be a time of eating lots of yummy food and enjoying beverages with friends, and I don’t want to gain weight or feel bloaty.


  • Unforeseen side effect:  niacin flush.  Spark has 4 times the daily requirement of Niacin (aka Vitamin B3), and when you have too much your face and neck turn pink/red and your body can feel overheated.  This caused me to feel overly warm at work and have alot of trouble sleeping the first day of the challenge, enough to make me think about stopping the cleanse.  By the 3rd day, I no longer experienced niacin flush.
  • Fiber drink isn’t the best taste/texture ever.  The peaches and cream try to cover it up, but it’s still pretty gross.
  • Pricey
  • It’s alot of fluids first thing in the morning!  I would drink 1 cup of Spark, 1 cup of the fiber drink, and 2 cups of water right when I got up.  I started marathon training about the same time as I started the challenge, and running in the morning wasn’t an option with all this fluid!

I still stand by the statement that the same effects can be achieved by just eating less processed foods, tons of fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water.  As other reviews on Advocare have stated, the fiber drink and supplement are basically like taking Metamucil, which is a much better deal but not something I would recommend to clients.  If you are still deadset on trying a cleanse and willing to spend the money and put in the effort of eating cleaner, Advocare’s 10 day cleanse may help to kickstart your healthier habits and ideally lead to a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

Check back tomorrow for my results (today’s my last day of the challenge!).  I’m also linking up with What I Ate Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on cleanses, diets, etc?


17 thoughts on “My Experience with Advocare: 10 Day Cleanse Review

  1. I’m not sure about cleanses-I think an overall healthy diet is the best way for long term results, but sometimes they do help to reset and re-motivate! I’m not sure if I could handle the energy drinks though!

  2. I don’t know if I will ever do a cleanse. I prefer more natural ways of cleansing, though fruits and veggies and lots of water, like you said. I like the idea of a reset after a period of eating unhealthy but you can do that with real food instead of processed drinks! Thanks for an honest review 🙂

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  4. I appreciate the balanced review of Advocare from a dietitian! I know so many people doing this right now..

    However I did want to mention that Spark doesn’t really have a small amount of caffeine — an 8 oz serving has 140 mg, vs. 110 mg in a typical 12 oz cup of coffee (or at least the kind we have in my office). I feel like sometimes Advocare reps advertise the product as being low in caffeine, although that could be just the few I’ve talked to being misinformed.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Basically what I understood from this is; detoxofication is what this Advocare Herbal Cleanse do effectively without any side effects. These advocare instructions are really very helpful.

  6. I have a co-worker that pushes this stuff. thanks for the reviews on this. I believe in doing things the right way. Lot of fruits and veggies. don’t need to take PILLS to cleanse.
    I did the Reboot by joe and it’s juicing fruits and veggies and it’s all natural and cleaner to me to do. 🙂

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  8. I am also a believer that you can do a proper cleanse with fruits and veggies alone. I also believe a good cleanse kit will accelerate the results. My mom did one and she lost 14 lbs in 7 days. Hers was a Nutriclean cleanse kit. You can find it at One major issue I have with the advocare cleanse, is they allow you to eat grains and proteins. I do not feel you properly cleanse the body while putting these in your system. However I am not a dietician or nutritionist. I would love for someone to elaborate, that could actually tell me the science behind protein and grains during a cleanse (not an advocare rep)

  9. I purchased the 10 day cleanse I will be stating it this Sunday. I hope the healthy fruits and veggies that it bought will work good with my bike riding too. I never did a cleanse before and I can’t wait to get good results. This is a kick start to my new life style and healthy living!!!

  10. I just started my cleanse on Saturday and I and not doing bad, but I do feel very warm after drinking the spark and have a heard time sleeping at nights. So I have been only drinking on spark per day. Yes this was a little pricy and I am hoping that I will get good results, but I am also thinking I could have reached the same results with doing weight watchers as well.

  11. Day 2 of the 10 day cleanse and I must say it was better than the first day. The worst part is getting down the fiber but the spark is Awesome! Hoping I get good results at the end of the challenge.

  12. I am currently on day 7 of an Advocare cleanse. I don’t eat very healthy and needed a kick-start making a lifestyle change. I sometimes work at different locations and I came across an old co-worker that I almost didn’t recognize. He had been using Advocare products. I am not an easy sell but I had never seen this guy look so healthy in the 10 years that I knew him. I had to try it. Let me say that any healthy lifestyle change will most certainly give you good results so don’t mistake this for a commercial for Advocare. What I have found different is the products are expensive but the quality seems upgraded over other products that I have tried. When this round is over, except for the spark, I probably won’t be getting any more of their products. It is a great way to kick start a change but similar results can be had by other means. Thank you for your honest review and good luck with your marathon.

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