Sunday Randomness

Lots of things have been going on lately, so here we go….

1.  We threw a surprise baby shower for my friend Jenn.  This is her 2nd baby, but first boy, so we threw her a “sprinkle”/mini-shower to help her stock up on baby boy clothes.  It was sports themed, and all of the foods were things you would find at a stadium.  Sooo much fun, and everything was adorable!  She was very surprised!




2.  I’m starting a new position at work this week!  I interviewed for the job in April, and we’ve just been waiting for the person who is taking my place to be fully trained before I move to the new position.  I’m so excited for the extra responsibilities and also to be working in the city, especially for all of the festivals this summer!

3.  We hosted a housewarming/World Cup party yesterday, and almost 30 people came–The house was packed!  We had an N64 hooked up and played Mario Kart, set up cones and kicked around a soccer ball, watched all 3 World Cup games, played Baseball (a combination of beer pong and flippy cup) in the garage, and ended the night with a bonfire in the backyard.

Some friends really got into the theme!  Also they pretended to buy me a dog as a housewarming present to freak out my husband…it ended up being just a stuffed animal dog in the vacuum box they are carrying)

4.  I finished reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova, a fictional book about a woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and her experiences as the disease progresses.  It was written from Alice’s point of view and absolutely heartbreaking to read as she slowly lost more and more of her memories and was unable to recognize her family.  The book hit close to home–my great-grandmother has dementia and I recognized alot of Alice’s symptoms in the book from my great-grandma’s situation. (I just looked the book up online and it looks like it’s being made into a movie next year!)

still alice

Not sure how I feel about Kristen Stewart being in this, but I will definitely still see it!)

5.  I’ve also been reading David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.  It’s all about how being the underdog can have its advantages–how not having the strengths of the “giant” isn’t necessarily a weakness, but can motivate you to improve other skills that can equal or best your competition overall.  One example he gives is dyslexia.  An extraordinary number of CEOs and other leaders are dyslexic, and the idea is that when you have to work through something like dyslexia, you are used to working hard and thinking outside the box to reach your goals.  I loved Outliers and The Tipping Point, and this one is proving to be another winner!


6.  I had a blonde moment last week…I went to a running event at Road Runner Sports in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, had my hands full on the way back to my car and put everything on top of my car so I could open the door.  I thought I had gotten everything off of the roof, but when I got to the highway and accelerated, there were a bunch of thuds on my roof (at first I thought I was being shot at!) and I freaked out!   When I calmed down and thought about what it could be, it dawned on me that I did not have my cell phone.  I dug through my bag and looked in all the compartments of my car, and it was nowhere to be found–my phone had definitely survived the drive somehow on top of my car through the city streets and then bounced off and shattered on the highway when I sped up.  That was not a fun conversation to have with my husband!  Luckily we had insurance, and I only had to pay $150 to get a replacement phone, and I was only without a phone for a few days.  Needless to say, I will never ever ever put things on top of my car again!

What was your best (worst?) “blonde” moment?
What did you do this weekend?

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