Sproing Review

This week I participated in a class at Sproing Sport Chicago, my first class through ClassPass!  With training for a marathon this fall, Sproing was the perfect option to get a great cardio workout while taking a break from pounding the pavement or a traditional treadmill.


The class was small, about 10 people total, and everyone had their own Sproing machine for the workout.


Unlike a traditional treadmill, the Sproing machine has a “pillow” that you run and do various exercises upon.  The “pillow”‘s firmness can be changed to make the workout easier or tougher.  The machine includes a harness that holds you in place and adds resistance during the workout.  The back of the machine includes straps for resistance training.

The class format included 10 minute dynamic warm up where we ran through all of the exercises and equipment that we would use during the rest of class.  The real workout portion was about 30 minutes, tabata-style:  we sprinted 20 seconds, rested 10 seconds, squatted/lunged/planked/skated for 20 seconds, rested 20 seconds, and repeated for 4 rounds before moving on to the next set.


Each machine included a screen that showed how fast you were running, resistance, heart rate, etc., and was linked to a screen at the front of the class so everyone could see how hard you were working–very motivating!  My heart rate said it was at 90% of maximum for the majority of class, so it was definitely a good workout, and it didn’t feel like I killed myself to get complete all of the exercises.

The class ended with a 5 minute cool down and stretch sesh, which felt amazing!  The short bursts of activity didn’t seem like much on their own, but by the end of class my muscles were sore!

Overall, I really liked the class and felt it was a much easier on my body compared to running outside or on a treadmill, while still providing a great cardio workout.  I will definitely be back!

If you are in the Chicago area, Sproing Sport is located at 1652 N. Wells in Old Town.  I was not compensated for this review, but I just liked it so much I had to share!

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