Highs and Lows of my 20 miler training run

In preparation for the marathon next weekend (eek!), I ran a 20 mile training run a couple of weeks ago.


High:  It was an organized run, so water and gatorade were provided on the course. I still carried my water bottle with me so I didn’t have to stop at every hydration station, and the kind volunteers were able to fill it up for me when I needed it!

Low:  It warmed up really quickly and got super humid, so I had to chug lots of fluids and make a bathroom stop.


High:  The run was at Busse Woods, where I have been doing my long runs for the majority of the training.  This helped alot mentally, because I knew all the turns and exactly how much further I had to go.

Low:  I had run the course a million times before and I knew EXACTLY how much further I had to go.  The second half of the race, I had to walk alot due to the heat, and knowing that I had so much farther to go was painful.


High:  Pace groups!  This was my first time running with a pace group and It helped alot!  It definitely pushed me to run faster and farther than I would on my own.

Low:  I was over confident in picking my pace group (11 minute miles), and got tired quickly.  I made it 9 miles and had to walk to catch my breath.  For the rest of the run, I ran   My plan for the marathon is to stick with the 11:30 pace group for as long as I can before I have to start walking.


High:  Adequate fueling.  I had just the right amount of Shot Blocks for the run, so I’m feeling confident for fueling for the marathon.

Low:  The parking lot was about a mile long and we parked almost at the end.  It was nerve wracking getting to the the start line on time for our pace groups, and then the hike back to the car afterwards was slow and painful.

High:  The energy of the event!  The runners, supporters, and event staff/volunteers were awesome!  It made me really excited for the actual race and I’m sure the excitement and adrenaline will help get me through the marathon!

I finished in 4 hours 17 minutes, which puts me on pace for a 5:35 marathon.  I’m hoping to actually finish the marathon in 5:15-5:20, which I believe will be possible with cooler weather (high of 56 for race day!), slower pace group, the excitement/adrenaline/nervous energy of racing, the crowds,

marathon sign


funny signs, and running through my favorite city 🙂

Any words of advice?

One thought on “Highs and Lows of my 20 miler training run

  1. I think it would be really helpful to do such a long run in an organized way like this. Was this put on by a running group/store or something? Overall, it sounds like you learned a lot from the experience. Good luck next weekend!

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