Friday Favorites 7.14.17

TGIF!  Here is what I am happy about this week….

Starbucks App/online ordering:  I am late to the party on this one!  I set up all of my giftcards on the Starbucks app in April and my boss introduced me to online ordering…it is amazing!  With online ordering, I can order my drink while I am waiting at a red light and my drink is ready in 5-10 minutes when I reach the Starbucks store.  I recently earned my Gold card and got my first free drink this week!


Big Brother:  This is our 4th season watching the show and this season has started off with lots of drama and house guests that you’ll love to hate.  It’s a serious commitment (3 nights a week!), but well worth the effort.  I’m pulling for Paul, Christmas, and Alex!

Gavin’s first birthday party:  My baby turned one!  We threw a big party at my in laws and he loved his smash cake.  A recent development is his love for books, and we’ve had lots of fun reading his new books 🙂 Can’t wait to try out all of his new toys too!

Reading Truly Madly Deeply by Liane Moriarty: I’m only a couple of chapters in, but Liane Moriarty does not disappoint.  I’ve read lots of her other books (Big Little Lies, What Alice Forgot, The Husband’s Secret) and they are all fun to read and have a twist that I never quite predict.


Watching Moana:  I love that Netflix has Disney movies now!  I finally watched the whole movie #momlife and it’s definitely a new favorite.


My parents coming to visit/our staycation in Chicago:  Since Gavin’s birthday was last weekend, my parents came to visit for a week and we pretended to be tourists with them.  We went to the Brookfield Zoo and Navy Pier, and ate at Portillo’s, Lou Malnati’s, and Margaritaville.  I’m sad to see them go, but I’m definitely ready to get back to my regular eating habits!


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